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Metropolitan continued transportation investments in 2019

Becoming an example to Turkey with transportation investments implemented in Denizli, the Metropolitan Municipality carried out 140 km of asphalt road and 120 km of concrete lock paving road and pavement work in 2019. Last year, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality also launched the new 50-meter wide ring road and the 30 meters wide Yeni Cadde.
 140 km of asphalt, 120 km of locked paving road
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which solved the traffic problems in the city with giant investments such as Üçgen Bridge Junctions, Zeybek Bridge Junction, Industrial Connection Bridge, Hal Köprülü Junction, Ankara Road Bridge Junction, Bozburun Bridge Junction, Akhan bend arrangement, continued its studies in 2019. Laying a total of 140 kilometres of asphalt road throughout Denizli last year, Metropolitan Municipality has also signed 120 kilometres of concrete lock paving road and pavement works that will save citizens from mud in winter and dust in the summer. Transportation investments that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality put into service in 2019 were not limited to these.
New streets and ring roads
Last year, the Metropolitan Municipality, which offered the new ring road with a width of 50 meters on the Üçler Boulevard to the service of the people of Denizli, met the great need in the region by opening the 30-meter wide Yeni Cadde between ─░lbade - 29 October Boulevard. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality completed a first by completing the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Truck and Lorry Garage, put into service in 2019. The Truck and Lorry Garage, built on an area of 45 thousand square meters in Hac─▒ Eyüplü neighbourhood, has met a great need of the transportation sector and solves the parking place for tracks in the city with a large parking area.
''Everything for our Denizli''
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan stated that they made many investments such as bridged intersections, new ring roads, streets, underpasses and overpasses, a local and national traffic management system to make the city traffic sustainable since the first day they took office since 2019. Noting that they continue their efforts to ease the transportation of Denizli, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Our brand city Denizli, which is an example in the world, will continue to grow and beautify in the new year. Because we love this city, everything is for our Denizli. ''