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Metropolitan again near the citizens on weekend

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams, also on duty at the curfew restriction applied at the end of the week within the scope of the coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, continued to work to meet the needs of citizens.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed the preparations for the citizens not to experience any problems in the curfew restriction between May 9 and 10, was near the citizens who called the Metropolitan ALO 153 and 112 Call Center at the end of this week. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams and Vefa Social Support Group met the demands of citizens according to the curfew rules. In addition to these services, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's Fire Brigade, 188 Funerals, Metropolitan DESKİ 185 Call Center, and Municipal Police Department was on duty with sentinel teams.
Disinfection work continue
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams, which continue their washing and disinfection studies on the most used avenues, streets and squares in Denizli, carried out washing and disinfection studies on Kıbrıs Şehitleri, Zübeyde Hanım, Hürriyet and Barış Main Streets. Metropolitan teams also took care of street animals. The teams put food in the areas where street animals are dense and checked the water containers placed in various parts of the city.
''Healthy days are close''
Stating that Covid-19 rules should be strictly followed, Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said that citizens should not be compromised. Mayor Zolan said, ''Hopefully healthy days are close. We will meet again in the squares and parks. Now it's time for precaution. We continue to serve our citizens and to meet their needs in the field. I would like to thank everyone who works for us to stay home. ''