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Infrastructure issues solved in three neighbourhoods more

The biggest infrastructure line in Denizli history is being built... The project started by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ will eliminate the infrastructure issues in Sevindik, Sümer and Karşıyaka neighbourhoods. Examining the laying of 2,400 giant pipes, Mayor Osman Zolan said that they built the largest infrastructure line in the history of Denizli.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) General Directorate started a giant project that will solve the infrastructure problem in Sevindik, Sümer and Karşıyaka neighbourhoods. With the project that will completely change the infrastructure of the region, Sevindik, Sümer and Karşıyaka neighbourhoods will also meet rainwater lines for the first time. In this context, 122 kilometres of drinking water lines, 78 kilometres of sewer lines and 23 kilometres of rainwater lines will be laid in 3 neighbourhoods. A wastewater promotion centre will be built for the region, where a total of 223 kilometres of infrastructure will be laid. The project started with the laying of huge sewage connection pipes with a diameter of 2,400 centimetres, where a large part of the wastewater used in the city centre and the three neighbourhoods, will be transported to the Denizli Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, who examined the giant pipelines placed at a depth of 8.5 meters, wished good work to the employees.
The biggest line in Denizli history
Mayor Zolan said in his statement that they continue the infrastructure work started last year in Anafartalar, Dokuzkavaklar, Aktepe, Karşıyaka and Deliktaş Neighbourhoods with Sevindik and Sümer Neighbourhood. Pointing out that they are laying the biggest sewage line in Denizli history with the project that will completely change the infrastructure of Sevindik, Sümer and Karşıyaka Neighborhood and will introduce rainwater lines in the region, Mayor Zolan said, ''2,400 huge pipes are laid on this route, which will collect the sewage waste from almost the entire city. Later, the sewage collected in this giant line will be brought to our treatment plant. This is a very important project for Denizli. It will be the biggest sewer line ever built in Denizli. ''Explaining that they started working without the groundbreaking ceremony within the scope of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures, Mayor Zolan said, ''These investments are very important. We are making these investments to serve our future generations. ''
''We are making historical investments''
Expressing that the citizens in the region demanded infrastructure for many years, Mayor Zolan said: ''Our citizens' trust in us is endless. They know that the work to be done is not daily, but the investment will serve them for a hundred years. Infrastructure sustainability is a difficult task in terms of costs and discomfort to the environment. We continue to work day and night not to leave infrastructure problems for the future. We continue to be at the service of our Denizli. ''Explaining that they made a historical investment, Mayor Zolan said, ''We realize the construction of the biggest sewage line in Denizli. This will be the line where most of the wastewater in the city will go to treatment. The large diameter of the pipes is very important. These are huge costs. May Allah give strength and let us overcome these works together. ''
''We will continue to make huge investments''
Stating that they want citizens to stay at home because of coronavirus measures, Mayor Zolan said, ''We have to work, we need to be on the construction sites, in the fields to bring Denizli further. You must stay at home. We have to work to meet the needs of our city. We will continue our efforts day and night. One day, we will meet and embrace together in the squares and parks again. It is necessary to be sensitive about this, to follow the rules. We will work in the field for the needs of our city. We will continue to make huge investments. ''