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Children had fun in the parks

Children under the age of 14 found under curfew restrictions had fun for 4 hours in the parks that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality brought to the city.
 Children under the age of 14, who were under curfews restrictions within the scope of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures in Denizli, were free to go out between 11:00 and 15:00. While the children, being under curfew restrictions for about two months, started to go out at 11:00, large parks such as İncilipınar, Çamlık, Adalet and Servergazi, brought to the city by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality attracted great attention. Children filled the parks and had fun spending pleasant hours in the playgrounds. Other children did cycling, playing and running, enjoying playing outside after about two months. Children and their families highly appreciated the water show carried out by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams in the pond located in İncilipınar Park in the centre of the city accompanied by music. The teams often warned children and their families about social distance.