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Food support for celiac patients from Metropolitan

As every year, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality provided gluten-free food aid to celiac patients in the city centre and districts within the scope of World Celiac Day events.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has continued the gluten-free food support program for celiac patients this year. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a food support program for celiac patients this year as part of May 9 World Celiac Day events. Within the scope of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures, gluten-free food support packages were delivered by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary-General Mustafa Gökoğlan to the citizens who came to the İncilipınar Indoor Swimming Pool and Sports Complex by appointment. 300 celiac patients benefited from the gluten-free food support provided by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to further improve the living standards of celiac patients.
Metropolitan is always near the citizen
Deputy Secretary-General Mustafa Gökoğlan stated that the food support organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for celiac patients continues this year and that they have delivered food packages by appointment because of the Covid-19 measures. Indicating that gluten-free foods are difficult to supply and that they support food for celiac patients to reduce these difficulties to a certain extent, Gökoğlan noted that they are always near the citizens as Metropolitan Municipality. Head of Social Services Department Erdal Işık thanked Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan for his support to celiac patients by explaining the contents of gluten-free food packages.
What is celiac?
Celiac is an immune system-related digestive system, and it is an absorption disorder caused by the failure of a gluten protein found in cereals such as wheat, barley, oats, and rye in the small intestine. Its treatment is a life-long gluten-free diet.