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Disinfection support for industry trades from Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality disinfected the workplaces of industrial tradesmen under the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to take measures against the coronavirus (Covid-19) regularly. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams disinfected the workplaces of the tradesmen who demanded in the 3rd Industrial Site, on 25th Street, Çal Street and Akçeşme Street in the Sümer District, with virucidal effective biocidal products licensed by the Ministry of Public Health. In addition to the workplaces, the teams also performed hygiene work at bus stops. While expressing their satisfaction for disinfection support, the industry tradesmen thanked Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan for services.
Tradesmen are satisfied
we are satisfied. The whole world is struggling with the epidemic. We thank our Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan and his team for this service provided by our municipality. ''Tradesman Serdar Oymak expressed that the works were very successful and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the support given to the industrial tradesmen.