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Denizli continues to win with Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great contributions to the country's economy with its renewable energy resources, also completed the 3rd phase of the Akköy Solar Power Plant (GES). Stating that the metropolitan solar fields have reached 2 MW power, Mayor Osman Zolan announced the facility would produce 4 million kWh electricity annually.
 Metropolitan's solar fields reached 2MW power 
Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan made examinations at the Akköy Solar Power Plant (GES), established to reduce the impact of fossil resources in energy production and to increase energy efficiency. Announcing that following the Akköy GES 1 and Akköy GES 2, which operate next to Akköy Wastewater Treatment Plant of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ General Directorate, the third Akköy GES 3 became operational, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that the project established on a total area of 39,000 square meters, included 8 thousand 480 solar panels, where 4 million kWh of electricity will be produced annually.
The facility will meet the electricity needs of 1700 households
Emphasizing that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality always gives importance to environmental sensitivity, Mayor Zolan stated that their efforts in renewable energy continue and they reached a total power of 2 MW in Akköy Solar Power Plant. Pointing out that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is an institution that uses intensive electricity, Mayor Zolan said, ''Our priority is to meet our energy. This facility will produce 4 million KW annually. We will meet the electricity needs of approximately 1700 households. We have reached a certain point in terms of paying off the investment price we started in the first place with the productions we made. ''
Metropolitan also generates electrical energy from garbage and mud
Pointing out that the solar power plant called renewable or green energy is a project showing environmental sensitivity, Mayor Osman Zolan also obtained from methane gas obtained from the garbage in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Solid Waste Regular Storage Area and mud in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. He explained that they also produce electrical energy from the biogas. Stating that they will continue to produce electricity from renewable energy sources, Mayor Zolan said, ''This facility will be beneficial to our Denizli. It will serve our future and our children. It will produce energy without harming the environment. We will continue to increase our renewable energy investments day by day. ''
Metropolitan is an example in renewable energy
Mayor Zolan, who is also the President of the Energy Cities Association, which includes a total of 117 municipalities of which nine metropolitans, 14 provinces, 89 districts and five towns stated that they carried out studies to support renewable energy investments in Denizli and across the country with the Presidency of Union of Energy Cities. Underlining that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is an example to many municipalities and institutions with renewable energy investments, Mayor Zolan said: ''As the President of the Union of Energy Cities we are working on investments, incentives, training and supports in the sense of renewable energies not only for ourselves but also for all municipalities in Turkey. Under the leadership of our ministers, our President Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our country has raised in terms of domestic and renewable energy. I hope we will be able to produce 100 per cent of our energy. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, especially our President and every institution. ''