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Metropolitan continues the investment in Sarayköy

Examining the hot asphalt works in Sarayköy district, where they completely renewed the infrastructure, Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We continue to meet the needs of Sarayköy because we love Sarayköy. ''
 Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan examined the hot asphalt works in Sarayköy district. Mayor Osman Zolan was accompanied by Sarayköy Mayor Ahmet Necati Özbaş, councillors and accompanying people. Examining the superstructure works in Sarayköy district centre, where the infrastructure works were completed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ), Mayor Osman Zolan wished the employees a lot of conveniences. Mayor Osman Zolan used asphalt paving machine for a while with Sarayköy Mayor Özbaş, chatted with tradesmen and citizens and listened to their problems. Later, Mayor Osman Zolan visited Sarayköy Municipality and wished the employees a lot of conveniences.
Özbaş said, ''Sarayköy is receiving the services deserved''
Stating that the infrastructure project initiated by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Sarayköy continues with the superstructure, Özbaş said, ''I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan and all our employees for their support. I would like to thank our citizens and tradesmen who tolerated us and shown patience. Because of the infrastructure works, our citizens lived difficulties such as dust in summer and mud in winter, but there is very little left until the good days. The citizens of Sarayköy will enjoy these services in the upcoming beautiful days. We hope the superstructure to be beneficial to our district. ''
Mayor Zolan said, ''We love Sarayköy''
Stating that Sarayköy is a special beauty with its people, production, culture and diligence, Mayor Zolan said, ''Sarayköy district needed services, and we did our duty because we love Sarayköy. We are here due to our citizens from both Sarayköy and Denizli. By taking this responsibility, we did many important works for our city. We made a long term infrastructure investment for our grandchildren. This is a difficult and expensive investment. We completely changed the drinking water and sewage lines in the district. There were no rainwater lines, and we built them. There was dust, mud, difficulties, but the citizens of Sarayköy were patient and trusted us. I thank them very much for their patience. ''
''We eliminated the water shortage in Sarayköy''
Noting that the most important need of Sarayköy is water, Mayor Zolan said: ''In Sarayköy, especially in the summer months, there were a lot of water shortages. Sarayköy is a district where drinking water comes from Denizli. We made many innovations on this line. By building water tanks, we eliminated the water shortage in Sarayköy. The infrastructure was completely renewed, and our district met with natural gas. We started the superstructure to eliminate dust and mud, and now we continue from where we left off. Hopefully, we will bring this beauty to our Sarayköy. Together with our Mayor Ahmet Necati Özbaş, we have done many services as Sarayköy Municipality and Metropolitan Municipality since 2014. We fulfilled the requests and demands of our citizens. We will work day and night to meet the needs of our Sarayköy. I wish our services to be beneficial for Sarayköy District and our Denizli. ''