Home Care and Health Center put into service in 2016 by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, has left its 4th year behind. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has visited more than 20 thousand citizens in need in 4 years for 354 thousand times, continues to make faces laugh and to be near the lonely ones.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Home Care and Health Center, which started to serve in June 2016 to meet the cleaning needs of those who cannot continue their daily life activities by themselves, those who need home care and health services in Denizli, left its 4th year behind. Reaching more than 20 thousand people in need during this period, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Home Care and Health Center provided home care to 8 thousand 129 people, home health to 9121 people and patient transfer services to 2 thousand 825 people. The centre, which became the hope of thousands of citizens in need until now, visited over 20 thousand citizens, for 354 thousand times and met their needs. The Home Care and Health Center continued its services by acting according to all epidemic measures during the pandemic process.
''Everyone who lives in Denizli should be happy''
Stated that Home Care and Health Center is a project they care about very much, Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We can call this project the embodiment of the municipal social philosophy. As Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, we strive to be near our every citizen in need, wherever they need us, day and night. With this centre, we are happy to give a helping hand to our citizens in need. Our work is increasing exponentially with the prayers of our citizens. We want that nobody in Denizli to say "I am alone", "I have a problem" anymore. We want you to know that there is a hand to reach it, someone to be near you. All our efforts are to make happy everyone living in Denizli. ''