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Metropolitan protects Denizli's history

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which restored Denizli's historical values and brought them to the city, has saved dozens of historical buildings from extinction so far.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is protecting the values ??of the city by restoring historical buildings. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which protects the historical buildings in the districts as well as the centre of Denizli, restored many buildings such as the Külahçıoğlu Flour Factory, Merzeci Flour Mill, Cezmi Ökten House, Necdet Ökten House, Adil Beştaş House, Necdet Bilge House, Abdüloğlu House, Sürücü House, İbrahim Çallı House, Denizli House, Konyalıoğlu House, Hüseyin Yarenli House, Balcı House, Buldan Tarakçı House, Çivril Blue House, Bereketler Water Cistern, Yediler Tomb, Baklan Hüsamettin Gazi Tomb, Üzüm Dedesi Tomb, Tavas Tekke Yaren Ali Dede Tomb, Tavas Alaman Cistern, Mehmet Gazi Tomb, Ali Kahya Tomb and Şirvani Tomb. The Metropolitan Municipality also continues the restoration works of the Güney Government House.
A huge contribution to cultural tourism
Besides, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out excavation and restoration work in the Ilbadı Old Cemetery, which carries the traces of the Seljuk, Ottoman and Republic periods, also made great efforts to unearth one of the largest ancient cities of Anatolia, Laodicea, and bring it to the world cultural heritage. With the investment made for the first time in Turkey, in 2008, signing the protocol with the Ministry of Tourism, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality made a great contribution to cultural tourism by supporting the excavations work in the ancient city of Laodicea. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality also supports the 2200-year-old Laodicea West Theater excavation and restoration works with the "Laodicea is Calling You Project", started in 2018. The ancient building is planned to host cultural and art events at the end of this year.
''Will be passed on to future generations''
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that they protected Denizli's historical and cultural values from the first day they took office. Stating that they make any sacrifice required to protect, preserve and pass on to future generations the historical and cultural structures in Denizli, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Believing that a society without a past cannot have a future, we continue to work to bring our historical values back to the memory of the city. Until today, we have saved many of our values from extinction. From now on, we will not allow the historical structures left from our ancestors to disappear. We will continue to transmit these values to future generations by preserving them. ''