Our Awards

This pride is the pride of all of us 14.04.2016
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan thanked everyone who contributed to the special award received from the Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu. Saying that ''This pride is the pride of all of us'', Mayor Osman Zolan said the Young Denizli Project is an outstanding project chosen from hundreds of projects in Turkey.
Mayor Zolan was selected "Youth Friendly Mayor" 18.05.2014
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan was chosen ''Youth Friendly Mayor''. Stating that as in the past, from now on he is ready to give all type of support for the development of young people, Mayor Zolan, ''I am proud to receive the ''Youth Friendly Mayor'' award, ''he said.
Quality of Denizli Municipality was certified again 24.01.2014
As a result of the inspections carried out for international accreditation of Vericert Certification and Inspection Services Company, Denizli Municipality took ISO / IEC 27001 Data Safety Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificates, thus, increasing the number of certificates in management systems to 5. Stating that Denizli Municipality is among the few municipalities who took ISO 9001 Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates before, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said: ''We are happy to see the results of our continued efforts to improve the quality of service for Denizli's people. ''
Denizli Municipality has entered the Guinness World Records book 03.06.2013
Denizli Municipality has won the world record for Pilates with the participation of 3.486 women simultaneously in one place.
'Mayor of the Year' is Osman Zolan 09.05.2013
Mayor Osman Zolan received 'Mayor of the Year' award. At the Honors and Awards Ceremony, hosted by EMEKDER, Mayor made a speech. 'Our workers have made a huge contribution to the development of Denizli. I receive this award on behalf of our workers.'
Denizli Municipality's 'E-Government' Award 15.03.2013
Denizli Municipality continues to receive awards for its successful efforts. In e-Government Gateway, Denizli Municipality took the 38th place among 2943 municipalities of Turkey.
Denizli Municipality is 'First' in Europe 16.11.2012
Denizli Municipality's 'Disabled At Work' project was awarded as the Best Project in European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2012 Competition the category of Responsible Entrepreneurship.
Mayor Zolan: This is our pride 06.06.2012
Denizli Municipality with its studies and projects was selected the Cleanest City in Turkey by Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. Mayor Zolan: 'This success of everyone who lives in this city. We should proud of the fact that we live in Denizli.'
'I Love My Family' Project was awarded 02.04.2012
Denizli Municipality's 'I Love My Family' Project took the first place among 127 projects of different municipalities.
Health Award to Denizli Municipality 25.09.2011
Healthy Cities Association of Turkey, which organized 'Healthy Cities 2011 The Best Practice' Contest awarded Denizli Municipality in category of health.
Health Award to the most Environmental Municipality 07.09.2011
In the year of 2009 Denizli Municipality among 2947 municipalities was selected as the most environmental Municipality by Ministry of Forestry and Water. The next award is the health award. Healthy Cities Association of Turkey, which organized 'Healthy Cities 2011 The Best Practice' Contest awarded Denizli Municipality.
Denizli Municipality is the best of the Year 29.12.2010
Denizli Municipality was selected the best Strategic Management and Implementation Corporation of the year by Policy Analysis and Strategic Research Association of Training and Management. At the ceremony which was hosted at Rixos Hotel in Ankara Nihat Zeybekci Mayor of Denizli Municipality received the award.
Youth Denizli the Best Project in Turkey 30.03.2010
Youth Denizli Project was awarded as the Best Project in Project Competition the category of Provincial Municipalities which was organized at Symposium on Local Governments.
The Best Youth Assembly in Turkey 15.10.2009
Youth Assembly of Denizli Municipality was selected the Best Youth Assembly in Turkey.
The Greenest Municipality 16.06.2009
From 2947 municipalities Denizli Municipality was selected the most Environmental Municipality by the Ministry of Forestry and Environment. The new target of our municipality is to make Denizli the most environmental, the most beautiful and most modern municipality in the world.
Elected and Appointed Monitoring Association awarded Mayor Nihat Zeybekci 24.06.2008
Elected and Appointed Monitoring Association presented an award to Mayor Nihat Zeybekci.
The Turkish Language Association Awards Mayor Zeybekci 21.03.2007
Turkish Language Association awarded Mayor Nihat Zeybekci with the Turkish Language Association's Certificate of Honor because he brought into practice the compulsory use Turkish names for workplaces in accordance to the unanimous were decision of the city council.