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Health Award to the most Environmental Municipality

In the year of 2009 Denizli Municipality among 2947 municipalities was selected as the most environmental Municipality by Ministry of Forestry and Water. The next award is the health award. Healthy Cities Association of Turkey, which organized 'Healthy Cities 2011 The Best Practice' Contest awarded Denizli Municipality.
Denizli Municipality participated in 'Healthy Cities 2011 The Best Practice' Contest with 'Live Active Exercise Be Healthy' Project. A total of 45 project of 18 Municipalities were examined. In the evaluation, Denizli Municipality, as well as the 3 municipalities have been awarded. Winners will take awards at ' The 7th Conference of Healthy Cities Association' which will be hosted in Eskişehir in September.

Mayor Osman Zolan stated that Denizli Municipality continues to produce projects in the health area after the most Environmental Municipality's award. Our new target is to make Denizli the most environmental and most healthy city in the world.
Our Municipality started 'Live Active Exercise Be Healthy' Project in the year of 2010 with a slogan 'Do you Ready to Be Capital of Sport and Health?' The aim of this project is to highlight the need for a vibrant life and to create awareness among Denizli's citizens about the importance of exercises and healthy living. All segments of society participated in the weekend walks and now became the example for all Turkey. This award demonstrates that we are on the right track.

Denizli Municipality was selected the most Environmental Municipality due to the sesitivity shown to the environment during implementation of projects. Practices that protect the environment and nature were used during implementation of such many projects as Solid Waste Disposal Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, social housing, open space areas, parks, gardens, forests.
Hundreds of meetings about environmental issues were held in streets, schools and coffeehouses. We aim to create awareness and sensitivity to the environment from primary school age. Every day, every corner of the city regularly and periodically are cleaned and millions of factors in causing disease are eliminated even without damaging. Support of citizens also played a huge role in implementation of that project.
Hundreds of thousands t-shirts with slogans on the environmental sensitivity were distributed among the children. Kitchen aprons which is written on water saving were distributed to housewives. Hundreds of thousands of seedlings were planted. With the beginning of use of natural gas in houses and factories, environmental pollution was prevented. The damage to the environment is minimized after collection of waste separately.
The biggest support to this project came from Women, Youth and Children Assemblies. Women Assembly implemented the project for the use of cloth bags and that reduced the use of plastic bags and Youth Assembly cleared the forests of the city. Thousands of children planted thousand of saplings and became the example for everyone.
The Giant Move of the Century, known as Denizli's Crazy Project is the largest project in the Environment. Thus we drink the cleanest water of Turkey.