Road Projects

Çivril University Road is getting hot asphalt 29.01.2016
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to invest in districts. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues the work in Çivril District and brings hot asphalt on the Çivril University Road.
Suçatı road from Metropolitan 18.02.2015
The road between Acıpayam district and Suçatı neighborhood was restored by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams.
Traffic will flow in the Theatre Intersection 04.11.2014
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality started the renovation works in Theatre Intersection, an important point in the city with an intense traffic flow. In short time, after the project will be completed, the traffic flow will be released in the Theatre Intersection and air pollution and fuel consumption will be also reduced.
The road issue in Textile Industrial Site ended 01.10.2014
The Textile Industrial Site in Kızılcabölük neighborhood of Tavas district have acquired the long awaited asphalt road. To thank the mayor of Denizli metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan for keeping his promise a thanking banner was hung on the industrial site.
The road to Kefe Plateau was renewed 12.08.2014
In order to increase the spring tourism in the region, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has completely renewed the road to Kefe Plateau.
Asphalt Season Inaugurated With Ceremony 03.07.2013
The asphalt season in the counties of Denizli Municipality has launched in Kelleci village of Dabadağı. For the first time parts of the roads from the villages connected to counties and some of the roads will be asphalted by Denizli Municipality, expressing Mayor Osman Zolan, ''During this summer the first layer of a total of 90 thousands kilometers of roads will be asphalted. These roads will be asphalted for the first time. Asphalted many years ago and lost their functionality, 200 kilometers of roads will be asphalted again. To patch our deteriorated roads will be used 35 thousands tons of patch, ''he said.
Superstructure works are in full swing 27.02.2013
Mayor Zolan has examined ongoing works on site. The roads and sidewalks at Yeşilköy District are ready to serve our citizens.
Superstructure works is in full swing 08.01.2013
Denizli Municipality continues to change the view of the city. Streets, roads and sidewalks on Lozan Street will be opened for use of citizens in a short time.
Mayor Zolan: 'Every part of Denizli will change' 23.10.2012
Mayor Zolan has examined asphalting works at Mimar Sinan and Alpaslan Streets. Mayor: 'We are continuing to spread an incredible change across the city.'
Asphalt Paving Works on Yenişehir's streets and avenues 25.09.2012
Mayor Osman Zolan: 'We have begun to rebuild roads of Yenişehir District thoroughly.
Ghazi Boulevard Road is very bright 11.08.2012
Denizli Municipality has turned Gazi Boulevard into an open-air shopping center. At the end of the road works, LEDs were placed at the edges of the road.
Üçler Göveçlik Road becomes highway 10.07.2012
Reconstruction of Üçler-Göveçlik road, implemented by Civil Services Department of Denizli Municipality came to an end and remaining works are nearing an end.
A new era for Denizli 22.02.2012
Mayor Osman Zolan has examined superstructure studies and conversed with shopkeepers and citizens.
View of Boulevard is changing 01.02.2012
Denizli Municipality continues superstructure studies, which change the view of the city. Road and paving works at Gazi Boulevard and Çınar Square will be completed in early March and will be put into service for citizens.
A new era for Lise Street 28.10.2011
Superstructure works, implemented by Denizli Municipality are continuing in full swing. The ongoing works at Lise Street come to an end and one-way traffic rule will be enforced.
The superstructure works in full swing 13.10.2011
Superstructure works, implemented by Denizli Municipality are continuing in full swing. Reconstruction of many roads and sidewalks on Lise Street will be completed at the end of October and will be opened for the use of citizens.
Denizli Roads Closer to World Standards 22.08.2011
Denizli Municipality continues to open to traffic main roads, which on the world standards.
Zubeyde street will open to traffic on Monday 19.08.2011
Superstructure works, implemented by Denizli Municipality are continuing in full swing. The ongoing works at Zubeyde street, connecting İstiklal Street to Kıbrıs Şehitler Street came to and end. Zubeyde street will open to traffic on Monday.
The superstructure work is in full swing 08.08.2011
Superstructure works, implemented by Denizli Municipality are continuing in full swing. Reconstruction of many roads, streets and sidewalks completed and remaining works come to an end.
Superstructure Work Continues 17.06.2011
Superstructure works, implemented by Denizli Municipality are continuing in full swing. Reconstruction of many roads, streets and sidewalks completed and remaining works come to an end.
Denizli becomes World City with its Roads 23.05.2011
Superstructure studies, implemented by Denizli Municipality came to an end.
75 Per cent of Superstructure Work Has Been Completed 25.04.2011
75 per cent of superstructure works has been completed by Denizli Municipality.
Kayalık Street an Example Street 07.04.2010
Denizli Municipality has begun superstructure studies from Kayalık Street.
Şirinköy Road was expanded with Paving Stone 25.09.2009
Civil Services Department of Denizli Municipality completed paving works on 1600 meter-long road.
2nd Bypass and Akbaş Dam 13.07.2009
Denizli Municipality begins implementation of Akbaş Drinking Water Dam and 2nd Bypass.
Asphalt Record from Denizli Municipality 05.02.2009
Denizli Municipality in order to make urban and intercity roads safer broke the record with the last 5 years works.
The Construction of Bozburun Road Completed 07.11.2008
Bozburun Road connects bypass of Izmir-Ankara. It will meet the needs of the region's transportation with 50 meter-width and 7 km-long road.
Antalya Road Completed 09.10.2008
Denizli Municipality completed works on intercity highway that connects Denizli to Antalya and Muğla. Intercity road resembles a highway.
Pedestrian and Bike Paths of 1225 Street 25.09.2008
Civil Services Department of Denizli Municipality after 1 month's works opened to use for citizens 1225 Street's Road which provides transportation in İniclipınar and Acıpayam Asphalt Roads.
Üçler-Göveçik Road becomes a Highway 19.09.2008
Denizli Municipality constructs 50 meters width highway between Üçler and Göveçlik towns.
Umutkent 3 Housings Roads are Asphalted 08.04.2008
Denizli Municipality completed asphalt works on Social Housing Umutkent 3. Now residents can walk on clean roads.
The Visage of the State Hospital Changed 30.05.2007
All roads and pavements near Denizli State Hospital and surrounding areas were rebuilt by Denizli Municipality.
European Standards will be used for Denizli's Roads 30.05.2007
Signal columns on urban and intercity roads were changed and the road lines and borders are re-painted in accordance to EU standards by Denizli Municipality.
Central Garage 12.02.2007
Denizli Municipality continues studies on Central Garage Project. The construction of Garage will be completed within 1 year.
Urban Traffic-Control Applications 12.02.2007
Since 1 January, 2007 traffic control rights were handed over to the municipality. Since then motorized and pedestrian traffic squads were appointed.
Military Transition Road 12.02.2007
The Military Transition Road that connects 2 sides of the Denizli was put into service for citizens.
Urban Roads 12.02.2007
Within the 2006 year, 200 km of road consisting of 3 lanes traffic was asphalted by Denizli Municipality.