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Zubeyde street will open to traffic on Monday

Superstructure works, implemented by Denizli Municipality are continuing in full swing. The ongoing works at Zubeyde street, connecting İstiklal Street to Kıbrıs Şehitler Street came to and end. Zubeyde street will open to traffic on Monday.
Studies are implemented by Civil Services Department. Reconstruction of many roads, streets and sidewalks completed and remaining works, conducted at Zubeyde street come to an end. Mahmud Güngör deputy mayor of Denizli Municipality has examined the superstructure studies on site. He stated that teams are working hard to complete superstructure studies in Zubeyde Street as soon as possible.
The road works was done in accordance with the standards of the street. After completion of works Zubeyde street will get a new look. There are 2-meters parking area on the both sides of the road. 3 thousand tons of asphalt was paved on the road.