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Denizli Roads Closer to World Standards

Denizli Municipality continues to open to traffic main roads, which on the world standards.
Superstructure works, implemented by Denizli Municipality are continuing in full swing. Reconstruction of many roads, streets and sidewalks completed and remaining works are continuing uninterrupted.
The studies, conducted by Civil Service Department came to an end. The teams worked hard to complete superstructure studies in Çaybaşı Street on Monday. AYDEM and TELECOM Companies buried all the lines. On the other hand visual pollution was prevented. Roads and sidewalks were rebuilt in accordance to world standards by Denizli Municipality. 1750 tons of concrete (RCC) were used for 12 meters width and 360 meters long road and 600 tons of asphalt were paved on the concrete. Travertine and marble were used for sidewalks.
On the other hand, superstructure studies in Çamlık Street are continuing. Road construction will be completed in short time.
Mahmud Güngör deputy mayor gave the necessary instruction to the teams. He said that we get a positive reviews about superstructure studies from citizens. These views make us happy. Superstructure studies will finished soon. I hope that Denizli will become World City with its Roads.