Ongoing Projects

Work on Zeytin Plateau Tourism Project continue with high speed 06.11.2014
In order to increase the alternative tourism resources in Denizli, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues work on the mountain tourism project with high speed.
Denizli will be the new address of mountain tourism 23.07.2014
Due to the complex project implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Denizli, which has all types of tourism except the coastal one, is going to be a center of mountain tourism. Within the project, works are carried out to build a cable car to facilitate reaching the plateau in a short time and also the construction of accommodation in the area.
Denizli will look so 27.05.2014
Works on Cable Car Project, one of the most important projects of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continue. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that the cable car system that will be established between Bağbaşı and Zeytinli Plateau will be completed at the end of September.
The Foundation of İlbade Kumtepe Sports Facilities Was Laid 18.03.2014
Providing a cleaner, healthier and modern environment for Denizli's people in the recent years, Denizli Municipality has laid the foundation of Kumtepe sports facilities.
The target is a powerful Denizli in the field of art and culture 20.02.2014
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan examined the construction of the largest Congress and Culture Center in the Aegean region which will take the name of Turkey Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci. Mayor Zolan, ''As in many areas we want to make Denizli a powerful city in the field of arts and culture. To achieve this goal we are building the Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center, ''he said.
From where to where 18.02.2014
Denizli Municipality in collaboration with Housing Development Administration of Turkey continues the construction of AK Valley project, which will be one of the largest parks in Aegean region. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''Everyone can see the changes that have been done here, ''he said.
In 2014 Denizli Will Continue To Gain 31.12.2013
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said that the works realized in the last 10 years had changed the face of Denizli and in 2014 Denizli Municipality will continue to implement important projects. Mayor Zolan: ''The ongoing works on many important great projects such as Intercity Bus Terminal, Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center, Kayıhan semi-Olympic swimming pool, the AK Valley Park, Sevindik Valley Park, and Merkezefendi Sheltered Marketplace will be completed in the new year and will be open for people, ''he said.
Be ready for change 21.12.2013
The arrangements work started by Denizli Municipality on the Antalya - Muğla Road, one of the major transportation artery of Denizli, were completed at a rate of 85 percent. Due to the uninterrupted works, a large part of the Bağbaşı Road was opened to traffic in both directions. A small part of the road is still in work but up to 10 days Denizli Municipality will finish the works here and will give to use 7 kilometers of asphalted road on two ways.
Denizli is Getting the Second White 17.12.2013
Denizli's second "White Paradise" after Pamukkale, Bozdağ Ski Center's works are approaching to the end. Together with Governor Demir, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan went to Bozdağ to examine the work in progress on the site and to take informations from the authorities. Mayor Zolan: ''Denizli has made collaboration and cooperation with all institutions in order to increase and to promote the tourism in Bozdağ. In short time this place will begin to serve the country's tourism. Our country and Denizli's economy will gain from this place. We have achieved this together, ''he said
One First More From Denizli Municipality 19.11.2013
At the down floor of Yenişehir Sheltered Marketplace Denizli Municipality is making dance halls and study centers. The project will be implemented on an area of 5 thousand m2 and will contain 3 large dance hall, a separate hall for women to make pilates and study centers in order to meet the needs of the citizens.
Giant Projects Countdown Begins 18.11.2013
Stating that projects started at the beginning of 2013 continue in full swing, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said that by finishing the investments in the city, Denizli, now almost a a construction site, will be completely chanced, will take a different dimension.
Molla Creek Dying Like The Garden of Eden 07.11.2013
After making the Molla Creek park on the area of 174 thousand m2, this time, Denizli Municipality is organizing an additional area of 15 thousand m2, as organic market and unique plant demonstration area.
Merkez Efendi Sheltered Marketplace Will Be Completed At The End Of Year 06.11.2013
The work to Merkez Efendi Sheltered Marketplace whose foundation was laid in May by Denizli Municipality is in full swing. Completed until now in a rate of 75 percent, the works to Merkez Efendi Sheltered Marketplace will be completed at the end of year.
Kayıhan Indoor Swimming Pool Is Almost Finished 03.11.2013
Denizli's second swimming pool construction provided by Denizli Municipality is in full swing. 70 percent from the construction has been done. Kayıhan Indoor Swimming Pool whose foundation was laid in May with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister Bekri Bozdağ is approaching to the end. With the completion of the project Denizli will win a new and modern sport facilities.
The Work to Bağbaşı Road is in full swing 29.10.2013
In a continuously achieving of new projects in order to change the appearance of the city, Denizli Municipality has completed 60 percent of the work to Bağbaşı Road.
Denizli is getting a new art center 02.10.2013
Denizli Municipality completed all the preparations for a new art center to be built after the Denizli Art Center burned last year in January. The construction will be completed in 400 days and will bring an important contribution to Denizli's prestige said the Mayor od Fenizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''The new arts center will be one of the most modern art center in the region," he said.
An Over World Standards Road In Bağbaşı 13.09.2013
Denizli Municipality is making a 7km road in Bağbaşı, a road above the world standards that connects Denizli, Muğla and Antalya. Planned to be completed at the end of the year, the road will have three lanes, a side-way, two-way bicycle path, gardening and lighting to be worthy for Denizli.
Countdown Begins For Kayıhan Swimming Pool 12.09.2013
The construction of Kayıhan Swimming Pool, the second swimming pool provided to the city by the Municipality of Denizli, is in full swing.
Cable Car In Denizli 11.09.2013
The first step in the cable car project, which will be realized by the Municipality of Denizli has been taken. System of the cable car which will bring us from Bağbaşı Neighborhood to Zeytin Plateau has been auctioned. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''The cable car project brings another 'first' to Denizli. Citizens will spend a pleasant time not only in the large parks and green spaces but also by cable car will intertwined with nature in a stunning atmosphere, ''he said.
The Foundation of Umutkent-1 Social Facility Was Laid 07.08.2013
The foundation ceremony of Umutkent-1 Social Facility which will be made by Denizli Municipality was laid. According to the requests of Umutkent-1 residents projected on an area of 5500 (five thousands five hundred) square meters, in the facility will be located coffee shop, restaurant, pastry shop, tailor, butcher, supermarket, hairdressing salon, barber shop, boutique and Post Office.
Mayor Zolan: 'We are on duty day and night'' 11.06.2013
The Mayor of Denizli Municipality, Osman Zolan, together with members of the press visited the completed work at Kayıhan Indoor Marketplace and Coated Swimming Pool construction and the Bağbaşı Road editing work. Mayor Zolan: ''We continue to realize major projects for the growing Denizli. The service steps that runs in this journey to introduction of major projects that are in progress in our city make us proud'' he said.
Restoration works of Merzeci Flour Factory are continuing 08.05.2013
Mayor Osman Zolan has examined restoration works of historical Merzeci Flour Factory. He stated that after completion restoration works, Merzeci Flour Factory will take place among the historical and cultural heritages of Denizli.
Construction of Synthetic Ice Rink in Denizli 16.04.2013
Denizli Municipality began the construction of Synthetic Ice Rink, which will be among the firsts in Denizli.
Revival of Denizli's Historic Period 12.03.2013
Pamukkale University takes scientific responsibility for excavation works at İlbade Cemetery, supported by Denizli Municipality and lead by Directorate of Denizli Museum.
Sports Hall is putting into service on March 18.02.2013
Mayor Zolan: 'Atatürk Primary School Sports Hall will be used for many activities, even theater performances.'
Construction of Sheltered Market Place in Kayıhan District 05.02.2013
Denizli Municipality continues construction of Sheltered Market Place and Study Center in Kayıhan. Sheltered Market Place will be be put into service for residents within 2-3 months.
Construction of Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center begins 06.01.2013
Denizli Municipality begins construction of the largest Congress and Culture Center in Aegean Region.
Regeneration of Servergazi Park comes to an end 02.01.2013
Denizli Municipality reconstructs Servergazi Park, which will among the city's most beautiful parks.
Construction of Sports Center Continues 14.11.2012
After completion of construction of Atatürk Primary School Sports Center, it will be the new address of sports.
Construction of Turkey's Largest Glass Rooster Statue begins 05.11.2012
Denizli Municipality began the construction of Turkey's Largest Glass Rooster, which is the symbol of Denizli and which will reflect the colors of Denizli Rooster.
Construction of AK Valley Project Continues 02.11.2012
Within 6 months from the beginning of construction of the park, 40 percent of physical realization of the project is completed.
Implementation of Sevindik Valley Project Started 01.11.2012
Denizli Municipality began the construction of Sevindik Valley on 92 thousand square meters area. Construction will complete on June. This region will become the center of attraction.
The problem of drinking water will be solved 12.08.2012
Akbaş Dam will meet the drinking water needs and will contribute to irrigation of agricultural land.
Huge investment in the infrastructure of Bağbaşı 09.08.2012
Denizli Municipality began the construction of stormwater lines in Bağbaşı and Gökpınar districts.
Sevindik Valley Project Begins 08.08.2012
Park will be built in Sevindik District on 92 thousand square meters area.
Solution of the the sewage and drinking water problems 07.08.2012
In order to remove the infrastructural deficiencies, 56 km of drinking and sewage lines will be laid by Denizli Municipality.
Implementation of Great Projects Continues 01.08.2012
Mayor Zolan and Nihat Zeybekci have examined on site ongoing construction of Terminal Bus Complex and AK Valley.

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