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The Children Philosophers in Pamukkale

The Child Philosopher -Thinking Workshop Pamukkale Camping has come true with the collaboration of Denizli Governorship and Denizli Municipality between 26-27 June.
 The world famous French writer and philosopher Oscar Brenifier asked questions to children in order to develop their thinking skills and creative direction. 150 students with teachers have participated within these workshops. 150 students were selected and divided into groups from 5 schools, which are situated in Denizli Municipality’s border and from Denizli Study Centers. At the end of the camp students received certificates. Governor Yavuz Erkmen, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Nihat Zeybekci, Deputy Mayors Osman Zolan and Şamil Çınar, the world famous writer and philosopher Oscar Brenifier, Municipality Council members Betül Kulaklı Ağanoğlu, students and parents have taken part in the ceremony. Ağanoğlu noted that in the coming years this project will turn into a traditional event. Oscar Brenifier stated that after this training camp, parents often will hear the question ‘why’ from children and he advised the parents to answer their questions necessarily.
Mayor Nihat Zeybekci: “Our generation grew up with restrictions. So, before we did something, our elders warned us to ponder a few times. Now times have changed. The new generation has started asking questions ‘why’ and ‘how’. I’m very hopeful of this generation.”
Yavuz Erkmen stated that it is very appropriate that this event was held in Pamukkale. He noted that children and youth must see Pamukkale and that entrance is free for youth under 18 years of age.
After the ceremony the certificates were issued to children by Governor Erkmen, Mayor Zeybekci and other members of the ceremony. Oscar Brenifier’s books were distributed free.

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