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School Uniforms from Mayor of Denizli Municipality

Within the 2010-2011 educational year Denizli Municipality distributed 10000 uniforms to in students from 120 primary schools situated in the Municipality’s border.
Cultural and Social Affairs Department of Denizli Municipality prepared a surprise for 10000 students. Cultural and Social Affairs Department in collaboration with Provincial Directorate of Education have distributed uniforms to primary school students.
Once the numbers of the newly enrolled students were taken, within a short time the uniforms were sent to the schools. Students on the first day of school, along with text books have also received uniforms.
Nihat Zeybekci Mayor of Denizli Municipality, Şamil Çınar deputy mayor, Mahmut Oğuz Provincial Director of Education, came together with younger pupils at Atatürk Primary School.
Nihat Zeybekci : ‘Today, at the first day of school I also sent my child to school. Denizli Municipality is ready to sacrifice everything for education, including the municipal budget and even municipality buildings. We have always supported and will continue to support education. For the construction of new schools we have given our own properties to the Directorate of Education. We have built schools and primary schools. We constructed study centers in different districts around the city. And today we have prepared a surprise for younger pupils. The first uniforms of the new school children are from the Municipality. On the holidays we will distribute t-shirts and books. Our aim is to prepare our children for the future, which the Great Leader Atatürk wished to see’.
Mahmut Oğuz noted that quality of education in Denizli is increasing every year.
Then Mayor Zeybekci distributed uniforms to children. He dressed some students with the uniforms himself.

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