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Construction of Traffic Training Track is completed

Opening ceremony of Traffic Training Track was made by Prime Minister Erdogan during his visit last week. Mayor Zolan: 'This park is the first and only in Aegean Region. Children will learn a lot about traffic. To reinforce they knowledges in practice, there are training tracks.'
Students of kindergarten and primary schools will learn all about traffic with battery powered cars. Mayor has examined the Traffic Training Track on site. He talked with the children and said that many people die because of ignorance of traffic rules. Training Track Park has 19 battery powered cars, rotating, light and dark intersections, pedestrian over crossing bridges. At the same time, traffic signs were placed in the different points of the track. In the coming academic year with the support of Directorate of Education and Police Department, children will receive training on traffic rules.
Mayor added that drivers of public transport and citizens will also take information about traffic rules at Information Meeting Hall, located at Traffic Training Track.

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