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Graphic novels publications of Denizli Municipality

Denizli Municipality has publicated graphic novels about Fatma Yıldız, who was the leader of Turkish Women in Anatolia and daughter of the Seljuk Commander Yıldız Bey; Denizli conqueror Server Gazi and Mehmet Gazi and about famous medıcal scholar Merkez Efendi.
Mayor Zolan has distributed these publications to children free of charge. Mayor: 'Our heroes are not virtual, but they are real. They are our real heroes. They are not fantasy as Lara Croft, Shera, Heman, Batman, Superman and Spider Man.' Denizli Municipality published 3 graphic novels in order to introduce children with heroes of Denizli.
Mayor Zolan stressed that Fatma Yıldız, Mehmet Gazi, Server Gazi and Merkez Efendi are the real ancestors of Denizli. We will read them to learn more about our heroes.
‘Fatma Yıldız fought against enemies and her grave as the tombs of Server Gazi and Mehmet Gazi is located in Denizli. After reading this book, we learn how our nation is strong and what we have achieved.’

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