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Study Centers are preparing kids for the future

1600 students are preparing to the future in the eight study center, where children have opportunity to spend their time out of school in a healthy, warm and in an efficient atmosphere.
The first Study Centers were opened 5 years ago by Cultural and Social Affairs Department. Social responsibility project was begun with 107 students. Today the number of students reached to 1600. Number of educators is 120 people.

Students spend their free time outside of school in the best way under the supervision of teachers. Children have the opportunity to learn in a healthy, warm and in an efficient atmosphere and develop their intelligence and knowledge. Many kids are acquainted with computer; participate in many social activities such as chess and theatre. Study Centers are the opportunity for children, who want to learn English.

Students of primary and secondary schools can attend the lessons in study centers. Children can spend more quality time in these centers. Daily school homework is done timely and accurate under the supervision of specialists and teachers in the appropriate branch. Also students solve tests, which prepare them for future exams.
In addition, they learn computer, internet, drama, English, music, educational movies. Study Center also organizes research and study trips. Students take advantage from library and rumpus room.
Denizli Municipality continues to increase its support for education.
Mayor Osman Zolan pointed out the importance of education. 'We continue our support in many areas such as distribution of school uniforms, study grants, book and variety of school equipment. Our aim is to contribute to the development of our students. The bright future of our country will shape in hands of children, who will develop intellect, science and technological skills.'

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