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Kindergarten, conforming to the EU standards

Nedime Kabaklıoğlu Kindergarten, built by benevolent businessman Kabaklıoğlu opened for little students.
Kindergarten both in terms of physical space and quality of education confirms to EU standards. Opening ceremony of kindergarten was held in participation with Denizli Governor Abdülkadir Demir, Mayor Osman Zolan, Deputy Director of National Education Reşat Erdoğan, Benevolent Serpil Kabaklıoğlu, family members and a large number of students.
Serpil Kabaklıoğlu in her speech said that development and progress of societies depends on education. Pre-school education is very important in terms of quality of education. We built this school for this beautiful country, which we love so much.
Mayor Zolan reminded that 1.5 years ago he participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of this school. We are very happy to see the opening of this school, to see the joy of children and to hear their voices here. I would like to thank Kabaklıoğlu family. Education is very important. All institutions, NGOs should act together for education. Denizli Municipality gives all kinds of support to education.
Abdülkadir Demir: 'The measure of development in the world occurs with education in early age. Denizli has succeeded in the field of education. Within the last 10 years many philanthropists show great interest in making investments of schools. I thank Kabaklıoğlu for this school. We were very lucky in terms of aid. Denizli Municipality also supports education in such areas as construction of school and landscaping. Denizli is so successful thanks to unity and solidarity.
Then Governor and Mayor presented plaque to Sevim Kabaklıoğlu. They they visited classes and conversed with children.

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