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Denizli Municipality educates a new generation

Mayor Zolan urges parents to send their children to the courses, organized by Denizli Municipality free of charge. Mayor: 'If we will prepare our children and youth to the future in terms of both physical and mental, they will have a say in Turkey and the world.'
Municipality continues organize free courses of violin, ney, oud, guitar, flute, piano, reed, clarinet, bağlama, flute, children's chorus and art and folk music choir. 1217 trainees participate in the music education courses and prepare themselves to the future.
Mayor Zolan visited Denizli Municipal Conservatory. He stated that sounds of different musical instruments are extremely relaxing. Beginners of the courses also showed how talented they are. Mayor Zolan thanked all trainees for musical feast. Trainees stated that in 4-5 months they will develop their ability and will organize a concert for music lovers.
Mayor stated that the duty of the municipality is not only to renewal of roads, water, construction of building, parks and sport centers; Municipality also should serve in the field of art. We see the shine in the eyes of our children. This place like a different world. Different musical feast is coming from every room. We offer this service to people of different ages free of charge.
Denizli Municipal Conservatory
As a result of fire which occurred in the Historical Külahçıoğlu Flour Factoru became unusable. Denizli Municipality restored this historical building and opened as a Conservatory for the use of Denizli citizens.

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