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Denizli Municipality Service Training

Denizli Municipality continues the service training programs in the year 2013, with the participation of the staff . The Municipality finally organized a seminar on Urban Behavior, Citizens Behavior.

Denizli Municipality near the seminars held by Human Resources and Training Departments has added a new one. At the seminar that took place in the Room of Çatalçeşme Theatre, Enver Nugay about 850 municipal staff , under the following titles ''What means Urban, Definition of Urban and Examples from World, The Urban Culture, The Urban Culture's Enter Forms In Our Lives,Urban Behaviour and Standards, The Urbanites Approach, Communication with the urban and Urbanites Behavioral Manner, The Characteristics of Peace and Well-Being of the Urban'' were aware of the transfer of a broader knowledge of the city. At the meeting participated The Deputy Mayor of Denizli Municipality Mustafa Ünal, too.
The primary objective of the seminar held for the staff of the Municipality of Denizli was transfer from Enver Nugay, ''In parallel to the serious changes that have lived in the city of Denizli,the staff that serves the residents of our city to be able to achieve the 'urban' behavior and to provide a live model of a real 'urban' skill witch represents the importance of the role that is played in the construction process of the real urban behavior. The human how livable and beautiful cities produces, people who live in cities, urban areas it is a necessity and responsibility to produce" he said.


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