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Marriage School Certificates From Mayor Zolan

Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan offered the certificates to trainers participated in the 13th period of Marriage School organized by Denizli Municipality. 32 trainees successfully completed the one month training but up to this day 512 people participated in this training.
Organized by Denizli Municipality as an example in Turkey, under the project 'I love my family', the 13th period of Marriage School has been completed. Mayor Osman Zolan, gave certificates to 32 trainees that attended successfully the courses.
Mayor Zolan came together with the trainees for giving the certificates and began his speech by thanking to the trainees for showing a really interest in school od marriage and for participating in the training. Wishing to participants a lifetime happiness Mayor Zolan, said:
''Especially when we decided to get the way of marriage firstly we need to be informed about what is marriage, about what expectations should be and when we face with these issues to know how to transcend firstly. Today, a mother and her daughter, a father with his son, brothers and sisters even if they live in the same house they can live dispute among them. For this reason, for two people came from their own home to live together under the same roof, among the couples at the beginning to live problems it is perfectly normal. The important thing is to overcome the problems and without decaying love to continue a healthy marriage. The institution of family is the most important institution in our society, as the cells in the human body. If marriage institutions is sustained in a healthy way, happy families will have happy children and life will continue in this way. This information plays an important role in solving problems will be encountered. Communication is also very important. Is very important to understand each other. Maybe couples they both are saying the same thing but because there is no communication to you it can sound like different. For this reason I think the courses of our valuable professors from here are very important. I hope on what you learned here to brings you happiness, ''he said.
After the speech Mayor Zolan gave the trainees certificate. The couples which were making preparations for wedding and overwhelm invitation invited Mayor Zolan to their wedding.

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