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A Language - A Culture Project from Youth Assembly

The traditional 'A Language- A Culture Project' organized every year by Youth Assembly of Denizli Municipality continues this year too. As a part of this project, 15 instructors will come from 15 different countries and will give free English courses to 400 young people for 6 weeks.
Before the beginning of the project, Youth Assembly held a press conference where they presented the project to the public. Deputy Mayor of Denizli Municipality Şamil Çınar, the General Secretary of the Council Esma Toksoy, Denizli Municipality City Council Youth Assembly President Ahmet Sezgin, Euro Desk Coordinator Davut Karaca, Director of Cultural and Social Affairs Hüdaverdi Otaklı and 'A Language- A Culture' Project Coordinator Gülten Betül attended the meeting.
Deputy Mayor Çınar noting that project has also a different importance in terms of contribution to world peace, said:
''This year we organized the 3rd edition of 'A Language- A Culture Project'. I would like to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for supporting the project. Especially the young people coming from many different countries and different cultures will interact with our children from our city, our country. Working together they will have the opportunity to get to know our culture. The project is important because students get to know the different cultures rather than just a language training. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Mr. Osman Zolan also shows a special importance to the project. Teenagers, we'll have the chance to know our city's cultural values, customs and traditions. We will also get to know them. This partnership will contribute to world peace. Our young people will guarantee the future. These young people will be very effective in shaping the world in the future. In this sense, I would like to congratulate all our teenagers and the teenagers involved in the project''.
Denizli Municipality City Council Youth Assembly President Ahmet Sezgin, ''This project began three years ago. In the first application we could give English lessons to 500 students. In the second year the project was attended by about 250 teenagers, and we gave English lessons to all of them. This year, the third one the course will be held in Denizli by 15 instructors from 15 different countries and we'll give courses to 400 teenagers, ''he said. Euro Desk Coordinator Euro Desk Coordinator, ''This project will also include cultural excursions and activities to meet Denizli. The main aim of the project is to contribute to the cultural development. The foreign instructors will stay in Denizli families, ''he said.
The coordinator of the project Gülten Betül adding that trainers from abroad has been selected from 15 different countries from 5 different continents, ''Our trainers are from Brazil, Trinidad, Tobago, Mexico, France, Germany, Albania, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Hungary, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Pakistan and Indonesia, ''she said.
For those who want to participate in the project to reach the officials from City Council of Denizli Municipality.

+90 (258) 280 20 20     +90 (258) 280 29 99     denizli@denizli.bel.tr