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Foreign Educators Teach English To Youth

Within ''A Language - A Culture' Project, organized by Youth Assembly of Denizli Municipality, educators from 15 foreign countries teach English to young people.
''A Language - A Culture' Project has been organized this year for the 4th time by Youth Assembly, with the support of Denizli Municipality and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
A totally of 403 trainees attended the free English course from Denizli High School.
The 15 foreign volunteer trainers from 15 different countries between 18 and 30 years old, completed the 6-week training with great enthusiasm. Trainees also showed their efforts and willingness to learn a foreign language to the instructors. The trainers form different countries of the world has contributed to the sharing of the culture. Each instructor was staying in different trainees ' homes. Thus, the cultural interaction was achieved.
-The project will continue in the next years-
Noting that the project has become traditional, Denizli Municipality City Council Youth Assembly President Ahmet Sezgin, ''A Language - A Culture' Project was attended by the 15 foreign volunteer trainers from Brazil, Tobago, Mexico, France, Germany, Albania, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Hungary, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Pakistan and Indonesia. 403 trainees attended the free English course who were quite pleased with the training. Educators were impressed by Denizli and by the hospitality of the people. At this training trainees leart not only about the English grammar but also about speeking and understanding of English language. This project will continue to be held every year. I would like to thank to Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, and to our friends from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Youth Assembly of City Council who supported us in this project, ''he said.
-A Language - A Culture Project-
Through the medium of AİESEC, 15 foreign volunteers’ educators from 15 different countries, aged between 18 and 30 came to Denizli in order to teach English for a 6 weeks program. The English lesson were held within the framework of the program and the curriculum approved by Provincial National Education Directorate of Denizli at Denizli High School in C Block. In classes of 10 students the trainers were given 3hours every day during 4 days in a week. They took a total of 60 hours.
Foreign trainees were stayed in the homes of voluntary students. In this context, continuity and cultural exchange was provided.
The project was organized and supported by Denizli City Council Youth Assembly, Denizli Municipality, AIESEC and Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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