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A happy ending of A Language - A Culture Project

A Language-A culture Project organized by Youth Assembly of Denizli Municipality City Council for the 3rd edition this year has ended. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan and Mayor of Almelo Municipality Jon Hermans participating in the final meeting, gave the certificates to the foreign trainers from 15 countries.
The final meeting of A Language-A culture Project in 2013 held with an intense participation at Çatalçeşme Theatre Hall. Mayor Zolan, Mayor of Almelo Municipality Hermans, Representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Musa Dikmen, foreign trainers and a large number of their students attended the meeting. Granted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports the project took six weeks. 15 foreign instructors from 15 different countries held English courses for 6 weeks, for 400 young people.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said they support young people in projects and they will keep going to support all kind of youth projects. Mayor Zolan also thanked to Youth and Sports Minister Suat Kılıç who also provided support to the project and to Ministry of Youth and Sports, Youth Projects Support Unit, and all the foreign participants for their contribution. Mayor Zolan, '''When it comes to education of children and youth, as the Municipality of Denizli we have made many sacrifices and we'll continue to do so. This successful project for young people held this year for the 3rd time. This project is an important contribution to the development of learning a language and to intercultural dialogue, as well as. I would like to thank again to everyone who contributed to this project, ''he said.
Project coordinator Gülter Betul Gürbuğa, ''Due to this project our children and youth have started to speak English more confident and fluently. As Denizli Municipality City Council Youth Assembly I would like to thank to everyone who give a great support to this project, ''she said.
Later in the program, the 15 foreign participants in the project from Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Georgia, Mexico, Morocco, Algeria, Afghanistan, Palestine, Germany, Brazil, Ghana, Zambia and Indonesia were invited on the stage and expressed their happiness to be part of this project.
After the speeches, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan gave certificates to representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Musa Dikmen, President of City Council and Deputy Mayor Çınar, to Mayor of Almelo Municipality Hermans and to participants.
In the meantime Mayor Zolan and people near him visited the stands of foreign guests to introduce their country.

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