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Young Denizli continues their visit to Çanakkale

On Thursday 3rd of October, Denizli Municipality sent 450 students with 9 buses to Çanakkale. 450 high school students chosen by lot started their trip to Çanakkale from in front of Denizli Municipality where they came accompanied by parents. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan also attended the farewell.
Mayor Zolan, traveling around the buses, he explained the students why they are sent to Çanakkale.
Mayor Zolan, ''We are sending you on the land where our ancestors gave their lives for Anatolian land. Canakkale is very valuable to us, and is the highest level of spiritual values the land of the motherland. Every year we are sending two thousands students to Çanakkale because we want them to understand what is the value of the country. Our goal is knowing our history, you'll be able to give our future direction. Here once again I saw our future is in good hands, "he said.
Later busses went to Çanakkale. At Çanakkale, young people were witness to one of the most important battles not only in Turkey's history, but in the history of the whole world. Visiting the places where the legend of the Battle of Çanakkale was written, students have seen the historical sites. In the first day of the trip students visited the Galibolu National Park, Kilitbahir, Namazgah Bastion, Sayit Corporal, Şahindere Martyrdom, Monument of the Martyrs, Ertuğrul Cove and Bastion, Sergeant Yahya Monument, Anzac Cove, 57th Regiment Memorial and Conk Bayırı. In the 2nd day of the trip, members of Young Denizli visited the famous Trojan Horse Ancient City and Çimenlik Castle located in the center of the city. Young Denizli Project is the best social responsibility project in Turkey which offer to students the possibility to learn history live.
Denizli Municipality will bring two thousands young people to Çanakkale until the end of 2013.

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