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She Came to Marriage School in Wedding Dress

Organized by Denizli Municipality as an example in Turkey, under the project 'I love my family', Marriage School lived a new 'first'. The couple Fatma and Hüseyin Yığın attended the Marriage School's courses, got married and received the certificates from Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan.
The 14th period of Marriage School organized by Denizli Municipality has been completed. Mayor Zolan gave certificates to 23 trainees after one-month-long training.
Those who are married, engaged or in the eve of getting married showed great interest in the ceremony that held in City Council building. The couple Fatma and Hüseyin Yığın took the greatest interest. Following the wedding ceremony the Yığın couple attended the Marriage School courses. They came wearing wedding dress and groom costume.
Mayor Zolan shared the joy of graduation with the participants. Stating that couples marriage should be considered as the two wings of a bird, Mayor Zolan said: ''You are going to marry. If a bird's wings ar not beating in the same direction, bird can not fly and fall dawn. This is life, like the wings of a bird, like half an apple need to perceive. Only then you will be happy and will get the way. Family is the smallest and the most important structure of our society. Family is like our cells in the body. If the body is intact, remains standing, if not, falls. Society is the same. If the family is intact, such as the cells in the body, the community is also peaceful, happy, and successful. The family you are creating brings you to this way. But this way is not always a very beautiful way. Surely there will be obstacles, too. Usually there are misunderstandings between father and son, mother and daughter or between brothers. It is normal that two people who are not knowing each other to live a period of accommodation. In order to overcome these problems, we are opening Marriage School. I hope it will be useful to you. ''
Mayor Zolan wished a lifetime happiness to all couples. Saying that they will continue to attend the marriage school lessons and they will take the certificate, Yığın couple said: ''We have learned lots of useful information in marriage school. Today is a special day for us. We officiated our wedding ceremony as well as we took the school certificate. Congratulations to all the couples who got married and who will get married, ''they said.
Mayor Zolan, gave the certificates to the trainees after the course.

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