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Environmentalist Students Were Awarded By Municipality

Denizli Municipality awarded the 2nd -B grade students of PEV Elementary School for collecting used batteries separate, during the summer. The separate collection of waste batteries campaign continues in the winter season.
Director of Environmental Protection and Control Naciye Kapukıran together with directorate staff went to PEV Elementary School and gave awards to students for collecting waste batteries separately. In the campaign Director Kapukıran rewarded Eylül Altıntaş, student of 2nd -B grade with the first prize, a chess sets and her classmates with t-shirts, hats, and environmentally magazine. Naciye Kapukıran: ''Waste batteries thrown in the trash or the environment constitute a real danger to the environment and human health because the chemical substances they contains are polluting the soil and groundwaters. In order to minimize loss of waste batteries Denizli Municipality is organizing awareness activities, campaigns and discussions on the importance of separate collection of waste in collaboration with students and citizens. As a result of these activities Denizli Municipality has collected in one year an average of 3000 kg of waste batteries. Recycling and disposal these batteries have been made harmless to the environment in a responsible manner. I would like to congratulate our students who supported our campaign by separately collecting waste batteries during the summer and  wish them to be an example to everyone, ''she said.
Meanwhile, the campaign to collect used batteries will continue within the academic year 2013-2014 and schools and students will be rewarded on 5th of June 2014, The World Environment Day.

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