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550 Graduates In 15 Editions

Denizli Municipality is an example in Turkey due the important projects implemented and making urban investments in social policies. In order to create strong and healthy family relationships and a peaceful society, Denizli Municipality has launched 'I love my family' project and Healthy Marriage School application. In 15 editions 550 people have graduated Marriage School.

Making investments in the last 10 years that changed the aspect of the city, Denizli Municipality, have also made significant progress in producing social policies. Showing importance in protection of the family structure Denizli Municipality implemented a project which was attended by many people in the city. Denizli Municipality has launched 'I love my family' project and Healthy Marriage School application. In 15 periods 550 people have graduated Marriage School.


Everything for a More Stable Family Structure


Stating that family is the smallest but the most important structure of our society Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said he is very happy to see such a great interest of citizens in Marriage School project. ''We have to believe that creating healthy family structures we are creating a healthy society. For this reason we implemented this project. With this training program we tried to answer questions such as "What is marriage? How it should be? How should spouses behave to each other? What are the expectations?" helped by our experts' informations. If you are informed you can take the right decisions. Thşnking that education is always needed we opened this school. So far, about 550 people graduated Marriage School during 15 editions. We are organizing this project for the future of our society, for our children' s future. During training we told about the fundamental rules. From now on it is depending on couples how will apply these rules in their own lives. I want to thank everyone who participated in the Marriage School, ''he said.

The award-winning project
The duty of municipality is not only to invest in stone ground, planting trees, to organize environment, to open green spaces, parks and gardens, to plan the infrastructure of the city or to follow-up and control zoning and construction activities, said the Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan: ''With the concept that investment in human capital means investment in the future, Denizli Municipality has implemented many projects until today in order to protect 'family' as an institution. From 127 municipalities from all over Turkey, Denizli Municipality took one of the many first prizes with this project. The prize became more meaningful while it was given by the Prime Minister. Denizli Municipality will continue to reach more 'first' projects and to implement such projects of social responsibility, ''he said.

What does Marriage School means?


Marriage School will provide training to newlyweds, young people who prepare to get marry, married couples, singles, couples in the first period of marriage and for everyone who want to know better about issues such as creating family economy, methods for dealing with stress, to establish suggestions for a healthy family, marriage and civil rights, sexual problems and communication.
Training will be provided by expert instructors after work program, 2 hours, 2 days a week for 4 weeks. Training will held at the Education Hall of Denizli Municipality City Council. In 15 editions 550 people have graduated Marriage School. In order to show the great interest in our people who come to 'Marriage School', 50 percent discount will be applied to the marriage operations held by the municipality for the young couples who graduate the school.

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