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Great Interest In Free Folk Dance Courses

Denizli Municipality Pamukkale Folk Dance Society (PAHOY), sees a great interest in the free folk dance courses organized for hundreds of people of all ages. Within courses which will be held until May, 500 of trainees will take dance training.
The courses are held in the İncilipınar Sports Hall. Folk dance lessons were organized in order to be attended by people of all ages. The groups consisting of adult, child and youth trainees are learning the dances belonging to different regions of Anatolia. Training is giving by 15 instructors, specialists in their fields. Until the end of training, trainees will learn the folk dances: Zeybekler (Denizli, Aydın, Burdur, Balıkesir, Kütahya ve Muğla), Teke Region, Silifke Anamur, Trakya-Roman, Black Sea Giresun-Caucasian and Adiyaman Region. In the evenings on weekdays will be taught Zeybek dance, on Saturdays children groups will be trained, Sundays all age groups will learn fork dances belonging to seven different regions of the country. Some of the trainees will have the opportunity to show their abilities taking part in the activities organized by the municipality during the year. Then they will take part in the International Folk Dance Festival organized by Denizli Municipality and can participate in festivals abroad.

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