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The Most Significant Education For Children From Denizli Municipality

Denizli Municipality is teaching thousands of children both theoretical and practical about traffic in Traffic Training Park. Thus, children learn the traffic rules and hot to apply them in everyday life from an early age. Up to this day 15 thousand children have been trained in the Traffic Training Park.
Built by Denizli Municipality on an area of 7,000 m2 and opened for people last year, traffic training park is filling a huge lack in children' s education. Thousands of children participating in educational park are getting information that will benefit them in every moment of their life.
In Traffic Training Park children will take firstly theoretical education from expert instructors then the practical applications in the presence of traffic police. Children are coming to training traffic park accompanied by their teachers. Here they are having the theoretical training; they are learning about the traffic rules, responsibilities of pedestrians and motorists in traffic and about what they have to do in adverse situations faced with in traffic. Then all the children are implementing their theoretical knowledge. Children are becoming alternately, the driver of battery powered cars, sometimes pedestrians on the sidewalk or passengers next to the driver. Traffic training park was built with all the details of a real traffic and children are meeting here with situations that happen when driving in normal traffic. This place is like a miniature city. Houses, hospital, school, amphitheater, intersections, pedestrian crossings are located in the training park in order to contribute to the children' s education by orientation in traffic. The Gendarmerie and the Police Department is performing training in Traffic Education Park built by Denizli Municipality.
15 thousand children have been trained
Until today in the traffic training park mostly students in kindergartens and primary schools have been trained and continue to receive training.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan said that this park was made in order to increase our children' s knowledge and skills into the behavior of obeying the traffic rules.
Mayor Zolan : " We are preparing our children to life "
Noting that this park was made in order to increase our children' s knowledge and skills into the behavior of obeying the traffic rules, Mayor Zolan said: ''We have implemented many projects in different areas in order to increase our children' s knowledge about the behavior in traffic from a young age. And Traffic Training Park is one of these projects. We've included in the park all the details needed for children to learn about traffic. This place will provide significant benefits to future generations. Education in trafic is very important in terms of raising the living standards and community's future. We aim that by increasing traffic knowledge and skills of our children, obeying the traffic rules to become a behavior. As is known, it was officially opened last year by the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Since that day 15 thousands children received training here. I believe that by giving traffic education accidents will be reduced in the future. Inside of the Traffic Training Park there are battery powered cars, crossroads with and without traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and traffic signs according to the traffic rules.
In a part of the park there is a miniature city with buildings such as houses, hospital, school and amphitheater. Here children are learning about traffic education as well as they are preparing for a social life. We are waiting all our children who didn't receive traffic education to come to Traffic Training Park. Built with a different concept then the other traffic training parks in Turkey, we have also made here green areas, walking paths, seating groups, fitness corners and ornamental ponds for parents who come near their children to spend a a pleasant time inside of this plant. ''

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