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Young Denizli is Winning

The painting courses held within the Young Denizli Project of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has contributed to the realization of a middle school student's dreams. Attending the free courses given by the Young Denizli Painting Club, the student Elvan Elkan was successfully admitted to the fine arts high school.

The theater, sports, photography and cinema, painting, caricature and art of calligraphy free courses carried out within the ''Young Denizli'' project successfully implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality keep the young people away from bad habits and also brings a great contribution to the education. Within the Young Denizli club projects hundred of young people had the opportunity to take free courses from expert trainers in many different branches. In this context, the middle school student Elvan Elkan, who has attended the courses for about a year, has successfully won the exam to the fine art high school. Entering the 7th at the fine art high school, the young talent Elvan Elkan thanked the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Osman Zolan for giving her and her friends this opportunity.

Her dream is to become painter

Stating that she attended the Young Denizli club activities in order to send her leisure time in a useful way, Elvan Elkan, ''I loved painting. My biggest dream is after graduating the high school to enter to the faculty of fine arts and to become a painter. About a year ago I learned about Young Denizli's free paining course and I started to attend the course. I loved to paint but I didn't know anything in the technical sense, so I started this courses. My teachers taught me everything I needed. With this information attended and I won the admission to fine arts high school. Now I am very happy. I would like to thank very much Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Osman Zolan for opening these courses, ''she said.
Elvan Elkan's mother, Leyla Elkan, very happy, said: ''I thank our teachers and Mayor Osman Zolan. I hope her dream of being painter will become true. This place was a start for us. "

The possibility of free courses to members

By telling that for two years they are giving these courses here, Young Denizli Painting Club Teacher Hülya Kaya, ''Elvan has constantly participated in our classes over the last year. When she came she said she wants to win the exam to fine arts high school. We have trained her for this. She is very talented. I wish her success in the future. We are giving here free courses to everyone who is a member of Young Denizli Clubs of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Our students won similar examinations before time, too. Our young people have the opportunity to receive a quality education for free rather than paying money for it, ''she said.

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