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Traffic education by appointment for children from Metropolitan

Implemented for the first time this year by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, ''Traffic Education System by Appointment'' will provide traffic education to children during the summer holiday. Children will learn the traffic rules with practical applications as well as by having fun.

For the first time this year Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has launched the ''Traffic Education System by Appointment'' in the Traffic Education Park. In 2014-2015 academic year about 15 thousand students have benefited from the Traffic Education Park which is the first traffic park in the Aegean region and one of the few facilities of this kind in Turkey. Within this traffic park students can achieve theoretical information and have the opportunity to practice on the traffic course, thus children to learn the traffic rules in the most accurate way for them. Together with the summer holiday, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has launched the first Traffic Education System by Appointment. During the three-month summer holiday children organized in two groups a day will receive information about traffic and will be taught the basic traffic rules. Traffic education will be given on weekdays, between 08:00 to 17:00 and will be determined by appointment.

All resources are being mobilized for education

Stating that they will mobilize all the resources for the young generations to be prepared facing with the future situations in urban and social life, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Education Park was created for this purpose. Stating that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is mobilizing all resources for education, Mayor Zolan, ''Last year we provided traffic education to 15 thousand during the academic year. We want our students to continue to benefit from this training in the summer holiday too. For this, we created the appointment system, "he said.

They learn by having fun


Those who want to benefit from the training can make an appointment at the phone number below: +90 (258) 280 27 09. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Education Park covers 7 thousand square meters and consists in all the elements found in traffic such as electric cars, roundabout junctions, junctions with and without traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and traffic signs. Here children receive firstly theoretically, then practical training. Learning the traffic rules by having fun, children also spend here a pleasant time.

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