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Applications for educational allowance continue

Applications for educational allowance to be made by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for high school students in the 2015-2016 academic year continue until September 30. This year 3000 high school students will benefit from an educational allowance of 75 TL.

Applications for educational allowance given by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality every year to high school students continue. Starting on August 24, the applications for educational allowance will end on September 30, but due to congestion, the students are asked not to leave this issue on the last day. Students who apply at the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Social Services must have the following characteristics: ''To live in the contiguous area within the boundaries of the municipality, not to receive scholarship from other place, to be high school or equivalent student, to have a weak economic situation, to be successful in school, to be Turkish citizen, to be not deprived of public rights, to be not dependent of drugs and alcohol, to have graduated the last grade and to have not received disciplinary action from the school he followed and the application must be accompanied by all the additional documents. ''

Attention on the last day

Stating that no application will be accepted after September 30, thus, students are asked to be aware with their application forms and attached documents. ''3000 students who will be selected at the end of applications will receive an educational allowance of 75 TL for 10 months including September and June.

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