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The 26 th Amateur Theatre Festival Finished

The 26th Amateur Theatre Festival, which was organized by Denizli Municipality, finished with a magnificent gala. Thousands of theater lovers were satisfied from theatre plays which were continued for five days.
The 26th International Amateur Theatre Festival, which was organized by the Cultural and Social Affairs Department of Denizli Municipality performaned for 5 days. During the festival, our city was the scene of colorful images. The participants of the festival were: Menemen Municipality Theatre, Kocaeli University Performing Arts, Denizli Figure Theatre, İskele Culture and Arts Association Troupe from TRNC, Salihli Municipality City Theatre, and İstanbul Cartoon Theatre. Also Kavarna from Bulgaria, Teachers Troupe from Ağrı, DEMSAD Theatre from Denizli, İstanbul University Troupe, OK-AY Performing Arts from Denizli, Denizli City Theatre, Denizli Municipality Theatre Atelier, Netherlands Youth Music Theatre Group from Almelo. Yine Mi Troupe from Balıkesir, Tabib’ül Curcuna from Denizli, Son-As Group from Denizli, Veverske Kninice from Czech Republic and Yeşilköy Folk Theatre from Antalya.
Throughout the 5 days performances were shown at 8 different locations around the city by a total of 250 actors.
In the festival gala Denizli Tabib’ül Curcuna Group met with viewers at the Open-Air Theatre. Denizli Governor Yavuz Erkmen, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Nihat Zeybekci and wife Ayşen Zeybekci, Veteran of Theatre Arts Tekin Akmansoy also were among viewers. Viewers laughed and thought about the tragicomic events, which took place in a hospital between doctors, nurses and patients. Kaç Baba Kaç Play (Run Father Run) consists of 2 acts, lasted 2 hours. There were long standing ovations from viewers. After play, Governor Erkmen, Mayor Zeybekci and theatre master Akmansoy presented a plaque to playwright, director and actors.
In this year’s festival also organized were meetings, panel discussions and interviews to enhance the development of theatre.

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