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The 10th International Folk Dance Festival Begins

The 10th International Folk Dance Festival begins. The Festival will be held between 29 June -3 July 2010.
The Festival is organized by the Cultural and Social Affairs Department of Denizli Municipality. Eight Dance Groups, which consist of 240 dancers from Indonesia, Palestine, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, TRNC and Turkey will participate in the 10th International Folk Dance Festival.
The Festival will start on 29 June 2010/Tuesday at 19.00 with cortege from Denizli Governorship to Denizli Municipality. Festival groups will demonstrate shows in Çınar Square, İncilipınar Park, Meska Amphitheater, Yenişehir, Sevindik, Pamukkale Ancient Theater, Ziya Tıkıroğlu Cultural Centre.
The Festival is for free and the different groups will take place on stage every day during the festival period.

The 10th International Folk Dance Festival’s program is as follow:

Çınar Square – Tuesday/29 June/2010 at 20.30
Çinar Square-İncilipınar Park – Wednesday/30 June/2010 at 20.30
Sevindik-Meska – Wednesday/30 June/2010 at 21.30
Çınar Square-İncilipınar Park – Thursday/1 July/ 2010 at 20.30
Yenişehir – Thursday/1 July/ 2010 at 21.00
Pamukkale Ancient Theater – Friday/2 July/2010 at 21.00
Ziya Tıkıroğlu Cultural Center (Open-air Theater) Gala Program – Saturday/3 July/2010 at 21.00

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