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Turkey’s First Glass Festival

Denizli Municipality has implemented a new project which will set an example to other cities. Denizli Glass Festival was held in our city.
Festival is commencing with collaboration of Denizli Municipality and Karma Design Workshop. Julie Anne Denton from Sweden, Sally Carver from England, Christian Arnold from Australia, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Ağatekin from Turkey and Ahmet Özdeniz glass craftsman participated as guests at the Festival which was held at Çatalçeşme Theatre Room.
On the first day of the festival artists performed their works. Sezai Günalp and Şamil Çınar deputy mayors of Denizli Municipality, Nihat Zeybekci former mayor were among the viewers. Sezai Günalp stated that Denizli must show the fame not only in industry sector, but in glass production too. Today is a very happy day. I welcome all the guests at the festival, organized by Denizli Municipality. As its known, glass is as old as the human history. Glass has existed since the occurrence of the human and will be available till the end of the world. We want to develop glass sector in Denizli.
Şamil Çınar expressed satisfaction because of the interest shown to the festival. We organized this festival in order to develop glass sector in Denizli. Also we fulfilled the wish of Nihat Zeybekci and we are pleased to implement the festival.
Nihat Zeybekci noted that the municipality has worked on this project for 1-2 years.
Viewers participated in the activity of glass bead making. Face painting and glass bottle painting activities were held for children. Julie Anne Denton Swedish glass artist and Mehmet Rabuş General Manager of Denizli Glass also will lecture at the festival. Anatolian University's 'patte de verre' (a different technique of glass) will be implemented at the second day of the festival. Decorative glass making, introduction films and the show of fire dancers will be the other events of the day. Christian Arnold Australian glass craftsman and Oya Akman Şenocak industrial product designer will attend the conference as a speaker. On the last day of the festival while glass artists are continuing their performances also studies in marbling with glass rods and glass decoration will be realized. Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Ağatekin from Anadolu University and Lucio Bubacco will give information about glass art at the conference. During the festival glass sculpture will be inaugurated. The opening of the glass sculpture in which the pieces will be produced during the festival duration.
Glass exhibition will be opened
Meanwhile, the glass art works of Ahmet Özdeniz, Camekan Workshop (Gamze Araz Eskinazi/Yasemin Sayınsoy), Christian Arnold, Ebru Susamcıoğlu Yücel, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ekrem Kula, Emel Vardar, Erkin Saygı-Ruhcan Topaloğlu Glass Workshop, Research Assistant Esin Küçükbiçmen, Fatih Duruerk, Gaye Döşer, Heyacan Ural, İnci Karakaş, Julie Anne Denton, Köksal Türker, Lale Özer, Araş. Gör. Mehmet Aydın, Mehmet Kömürcü, Menekşe Bilgiç, Merve Yörükçü, Assoc.Dr. Mustafa Ağatekin, Ömür Duruerk, Özlem Ercan, Sally Carver, Semrin Korkmaz, Tülin Akgül, Yeşim Sanatçı and students of Glass Department of Anadolu University will be exhibited at the 'Glass Exhibition'.
Denizli Cam will also participate in the exhibiiton with distinct pieces from Çeşm-i Bülbül collection.

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