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27th Amateur Theatre Festival

The 27th Amateur Theatre Festival, which was organized by Denizli Municipality finished with a magnificent gala. Thousands of theater lovers were satisfied with the theatre performances.
During the 27th International Amateur Theatre Festival, organized by Cultural and Social Affairs Department of Denizli Municipality and which lasted a week, our city was the scene of colorful images. The participants of the festival were 19 groups. 5 of them from TRNC, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Russia. Gala concert was organized at Municipal Art Center at the end of the festival, hosted by Denizli Municipality. Şamil Çınar deputy mayor, Halil İbrahim Ertekin assistant governor also were among viewers. Actors of Denizli Municipal City Theatre staged the 'Tiyatro Yeniden' (Theater Again) play. The most colorful play of the festıval was staged by AC Performing Arts actors ('Is there anybody out there' theater). The play which was about what happened in the earthquake of August 17 received great appreciation. The play was of particular importance because most of the actors have experienced this earthquake. Cenap Küçüksu, who played a role of contractor said, that he had lost his son on August 17 earthquake. Müşerref Kahvecioğlu Theater's Project Manager stated that he lost his older sister and sister's husband. Harun Acar writer and director of the play was rescued from the rubble of his home. In the meantime, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mete Işıkara was the supervisor of the play. At the gala concert, Denizli Municipal City Theatre staged the play which was about successful actors who come together after years to stage a theater play. After the theatre, Russia and Macedonia groups presented their performances.
After gala, Şamil Çınar and Halil İbrahim Ertekin presented plaques to actors. Deputy mayor stated that the festival provides a major contribution to the fusion of cultures and also has important role for the publicity of our city. Assistant Governor stated that Denizli shows success not only in industrial and tourism sectors, but also in cultural activities.

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