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Turkish Vision Music Festival Begins

The 3rd Turkish Vision International Turkish Music Festival, which was organized together with the collaboration of Denizli Governorship, Denizli Municipality and TRT begins.
Festival Concert will be realized at Pamukkale Ancient Theatre on June 15/2011 in Wednesday at 21.00. For the concert there will be free transportation.
Festival will realized between 14 and 17 of June 2011 with nearly 100 artists participating from 20 different countries. The Festival will start with the cortege walk on June 14/2011, which will be broadcasted live on TRT channel worldwide. Winners of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, Ell/Nikki will take part in the Festival. Turkey's well-known singer Keremcem also will take the stage in Denizli and will perform beautiful songs for his fans.


The Turkish Vision Festival in Pamukkale Ancient Theatre will be realized on June 15/2011. For the concert that will start at 21.00 there will be free transportation. The service vehicles will proceed from Çatalçeşme Theatre Room, Demokrasi Square, Bayramyeri, Yenişehir Mukhtar Office, and Credit Dormitories Institution.

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