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Magnificent Gala of Turkish Vision Festival

The 3rd Turkish Vision International Turkish Music Festival with the collaboration of Denizli Governorship, Denizli Municipality and TRT ended with a great performance of the groups. Gala concert was held at İncilipınar and Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre.
Groups from TRNC, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Crimea, Gagauzia, Romania, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece and Bashkortostan took to the stage at İncilipınar park. First festival groups performed songs in Turkish and then in their mother tongue. After festival program, which lasted approximately 2 hours, Efe Denizli artist took to the stage. He performed beautiful folk songs of Denizli and Aegean region.
The second part of the Gala Concert was held at Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre. Osman Zolan Mayor of Denizli Municipality, Şamil Çınar deputy mayor, Süleyman Köksoy General Director of External Service of TRT and President of the TRT Turkish Vision Festival and thousands of Denizli citizens attended the festival. Artists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Palestine, Syria, Tatarstan and Altai (East Turkestan) sang songs in Turkish as well as in their native tongue. Thousands of people waved Turkish flags. Azerin Azerbaijani artist sang beautiful songs. After concert Mayor Zolan, Şamil Çınar and Süleyman Köksoy presented a plaque to Azerin. Mayor Zolan stated that the purpose of such festival is to ensure the widespread use of our language across world.

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