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The 11th International Folk Dance Festival Begins

The Festival, organized by Denizli Municipality continues with great enthusiasm. 400 dancers from 14 countries and Denizli Municipality's Folk Dance Group will participate in the Festival.

Before the cortege, the festival groups visited Governor Yavuz Erkmen at his office. Selma Erkan vice chairman of Denizli Municipality, Şamil Çınar, Mustafa Gökoğlan deputy mayors and all festival groups attended the cortege walk. Procession, which lasted until Denizli Municipality was the scene of colorful images.
After cortege, representatives of groups visited Selma Erkan. She thanked all participants of the festival. "I'm a member of City Council. Due to the fact that the mayor is currently abroad, I am honored to welcome you. You will have opportunity to see Denizli. You will see Denizli's historical and cultural values, such as Pamukkale".
Then Selma Erkan presented gifts to all groups. Representatives of dance groups also presented gifts to Erkan, brought from their countries.
Then Festival groups demonstrated their folk dances at Çınar Square. Citizens have been fascinated by dances of festival groups. After the show, which lasted approximately 1 hour, festival cocktail was organized at Çamlık Park. Festival will be continued at Çınar Square, İncilipınar Park and Adalet Park at 8.30 pm. untill the weekend.
Meanwhile, in addition to the program, festival groups will demonstrate shows at Yenişehir Abalıoğlu Primary School on 29 June at 9.15 pm; Meska Amphitheatre on 30 June; and Yenişehir Abalıoğlu Primary School on 1 July.

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