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Spectacular Festival Gala

International Folk Dance Festival, organized by Denizli Municipality for the 11th time, ended with a magnificent gala. Dance shows and all performances were breathtaking.

Festival Gala was held at Ziya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre. Yavuz Erkmen Denizli Governor, Osman Zolan Mayor of Denizli Municipality, Şamil Çınar and Mustafa Gökoğlan deputy mayors were among viewers. Thousand of art lovers flocked to Open Air Theatre to attend the gala program. Folk Dance Groups from TRNC, Denizli Municipality's PAHOY Folk Dance Group, Ukraine, Macedonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Poland, Mexico, Korea, Greece, Azerbaijan and Croatia demonstrated their shows.
Gala program was breathtaking. PAHOY Folk Dance Group attracted the most attention. Efe Dance charmed audience. The agile dances and stage performance of Azerbaijan Dance Group impressed the viewers. Many groups with their dances have presented an unforgettable dance feast for Denizli's citizens. In the final of the gala program, PAHOY Folk Dance Group presented their show, which will be remembered for a long time. Groups from Korea, Mexico, Greece, Turkey and other countries danced Efe Folk Dance. Musicians were members of different countries.
Yavuz Erkmen and Osman Zolan presented plaques to the dance groups. Governor stated that groups sucessfully demonstrated folk dances, and that similar organization increases the friendship between countries. Mayor Zolan pointed out that the music and dance are the common language between all the countries. Denizli Municipality will continue to organize such activities in order to develop this language and to increase the friendship.

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