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Zeybek is the Name of Friendship

At the 11th International Folk Dance Festival Gala Concert, dancers from 3 continents danced Hırmandalı Folk Dance. There was long standing ovation from viewers.
11th International Folk Dance Festival finished with Harmandalı Folk Dance, which was demonstrated by dancers from 12 countries. Dancers appeared on the scene with the local costumes and they danced Harmandalı with instruments, belonging to different countries. Denizli Municipality's International Folk Dance Group presented incredible show for viewers at Zıya Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre. Music, dance and culture from America, Europe and Asia gathered in Denizli and created harmony. The common point of this meeting was the Harmandalı Zeybek Folk Dance. The audience was accompanied for Harmandalı dance performances. The show has been demonstrated by TRNC, Ukraine, Macedonia, Lithuania, Serbia, Poland, Mexico, Korea, Greece, Azerbaijan and Croatia in the name of art and friendship.

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