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Japanese Film Festival Begins

In order to reinforce the friendship between Turkey and Japan, Denizli Municipality in collaboration with Consulate-General of Japan in Istanbul has organized Japanese Film Festival for the first time this year.
 Festival will be realized at Çatalçeşme Theatre Room between 22-23 October. During the festival in total 8 movies will be shown. The opening movie during Festival will be 'Always - Sunset on Third Street'. Film describes the everyday's life of people in old residential streets of Tokyo in the late 1950s, the era which was the country's biggest turning point - the beginning of the future of what Japan is today.
During the Festival Sumo Do, Sumo Don't, Comedy Film; 'Sword of Desperation' an impeccable samurai period film; 'Laputa: The Castle in the Sky' masterpieces of Japanese animation; '5 Centimeters Per Second'; 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'; 'Kappa no Sampei' and 'Happy Flight' movies will be shown.
All films will be subtitled in Turkish and dubbing in Japanese language. We invited all Denizli citizens to watch the movies free of charge.

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