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The 28th Amateur Theatre Festival Begins

The 28th Amateur Theatre Festival, organized by Denizli Municipality begins.
Festival will begin on 12 May 2012 / Saturday and end on 20 May 2012 / Sunday. Theatre Festival is being organized by the Cultural and Social Affairs Department of Denizli Municipality. 28 groups (5 groups are international), which consist of 400 actors will participate in the festival.
Festival preparation in final stage and jury has evaluated all applications. According to the results, jury has defined groups which will take part in festival.
Total 28 groups, 5 groups from TRNC, Macedonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan and Spain-Lithuania, Belgium-Turkey co-production will participate in Festival. The festival will be hosted by Denizli Municipality in Denizli and 7 groups from Denizli will take part in the festival.
Mayor Osman Zolan briefed about festival. ‘Festival has a function of promoting the city image and has plays important role for the publicity of our city. Denizli Municipality has organized the festival for 28 consecutive years without interruption. Our aim is to contribute to the fusion of cultures. We will find ourselves successfull if we be able to make our guests the Denizli's voluntary envoy. I wish great success to all the groups participating at the festival.’

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