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Festival Continues with Great Enthusiasm

The 28th Amateur Theatre Festival, organized by Denizli Municipality continues.
28 groups perform their performances in different parts of the city. During the Festival, organized by Cultural and Social Affairs Department of Denizli Municipality, workshops, meetings and theaters are presented to citizens.
Denizli Municipal City Theatre, Denizli Visually Impaired Primary School, Sak Theatre Group, Sağlıkta Theatre Group, Denizli Scene Amateur Theatre Group, Üstad-ı Komikler Group, İstanbul Yedibölge Actors, Antakya Municipal City Theatre, Salihli Municipal City Theatre, Dutch Team, Osmangazi Municipal Theatre, İstanbul Aydın Theatre Group and Bitlis Art Theatre showed theatrical performances. Groups from Macedonia, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, TRNC and local groups will present their performances until 20 May.

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