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Festival Continues with Great Enthusiasm

Festival’s enthusiasm continues. Daily folk dance groups show their performances at different locations every day.
The 12th International Folk Dance Festival continues to be the scene of colorful images. Thousands of citizens flock to Çınar Square, Meska, İncilipınar and Adalet Parks to experience the exitiment of the festival. The previous day dance groups demonstrated a breathtaking show. Thousand of citizens flocked in İncilipınar Park to watch the dancers. Kyrgyz, Croatia, Kazakhstan and TRNC dance groups captivated the audience with their shows. The program in Meska was also breathtaking. Dancers showed thousand people how talented they are. Group’s performance was applauded for a long time.
The gala of festival will hold at Open Air Theatre on 29 June 2012 / Friday at 9.00 pm. All dancers will demonstrate their show. Festival will end on 30 June 2012 / Saturday at 9.00 pm. We are waiting for all citizens to the festival.

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